Pupil Premium Strategy

Pupil Premium Funding is allocated to schools in addition to the school budget. Funding is received for all students who are eligible for Free School Meals. Schools have the freedom to spend this extra income as they see fit but are accountable for its use. The aim of Pupil Premium Funding is to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds in making progress and achieving their potential. At Christ the King Catholic High School we are totally committed to meeting all aspects of our students’ development.

Pupil Premium Funding helps the school to address some of the barriers to learning faced by our students. These include: low levels of literacy and numeracy on entry to the school, a high proportion of EAL students, students with additional pastoral needs, students with low levels of aspiration and students requiring specific interventions (e.g. Study Support) in order to meet their Minimum Target Grades. The school has a strong track record of implementing strategies to address barriers to student learning and is confident that the strategies outlined will have a positive impact.