On Wednesday 4th February year 9 went to Uclan University of central Lancashire. This trip was based on undergoing and learning different languages as well as writing in different languages. There were a variety of activities such as; – Chinese inscription, Rosetta stone, world wise quiz and the final one was interpreting.

The pupils were separated in 4 different groups and were sent to different stations. The first group went to the “Chinese inscription”

In that section they were taught how to read and say the Chinese numbers up to 10 and they were taught how to write their names and how to say them. This was a really good experience as it taught the pupils how to speak Chinese and how it felt writing they also found out that the pens were made from bamboo and the brush bit is made from animal fur.

The next stage was “Rosetta stone” the pupils were using headphones and the computing skills in this section.

This part of the session was spent on computers the pupils were told to pick any language they wanted from 18 choices. One pupil chose Turkish which was a great experience they had to say the words and play a few games which were set. Others chose languages like Arabic, Hindi, polish, Japanese, Portuguese, Urdu and much more.

The 3rd stage was the world wise quiz which was about the world and it was a good.

This part of the session was all about different countries and the person with the highest marks would win something so people tried their best in this part of the section and they did in every other one.

The final part was “interpreting” which gave pupils the ability to speak in other languages

The final session was really good it was about people translating something to someone in another language which gave people more courage to speak up to others and to talk more and not be shy this taught us a lot of new things.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in these activities and a huge thanks to uclan for having us there we would come again very soon as we loved this day. Everyone enjoyed there morning.