As part of a local Heritage Project involving the development and restoration of Winckley Square in Preston, a group of Year 8 students are working towards an Arts Award that is linked to their History and Art lessons.

The students are working closely with Community Gateway Association who have sponsored the project and who are supporting the students in their lessons and have provided them with all the equipment and work books required.

The project involves the students researching Winckley Square, the residents that resided in the properties, what the square itself used to look like and how can it be restored to its former glory.

As well as going on local visits to the area to get a true feel of what the project is about, the students will be working with local artist Sarah Hicks to help create a mosaic that will then be used in the restoration. They will also be creating some form of art that they design themselves using a variety of materials.

Finally the work will be displayed in the Harris Museum and Library, Preston and the Museum of Lancashire and a celebration event will be held.