On Wednesday, 16th February 2011 during periods 1-4, year 8 participated in a social enterprise event supporting a Malawian charity. The pupils were split up into 7 groups of a range of abilities. In those groups we were given, along with a main task, communication and team building tasks. The main task was to plan and design a business or service to help end poverty in the developing world, especially Malawi. Among the ideas, there was a sports facility, gardening business, music business, and many others.

Although every group worked brilliantly, only one could win. The award went to team 3, an aspiring group who came up with an original sports idea: BeeSports. Congratulations to them and a huge thank you to Sarah Lee who organised the event, and her helpers who gave ideas to help us all along the way. Thank you again for a very enjoyable experience.

By Hannah Cobb and Gemma Dobson, 8 set 1.