The first “Let’s get cooking” event was held on 1st February. This was run by Mrs T Forshaw Green and Mrs H Patel with the support of Mrs A Cowell. This club will be taking place in the Food Technology room every Tuesday from 3.00pm until 4.30pm. Year 8 pupils were taught correct food preparation of fruit and vegetables which culminated in their making Fruit Skewers and Coleslaw which they were able to take home. All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the session and are looking forward to making more exciting dishes including crumbles, pancakes, soups, curries and focaccias during the following weeks.

Each course will run for 6 weeks after which an event will take place where community and parents will be invited to trial dishes made throughout the course by the students. This is the first of three courses to be run this academic year. Pupils will be informed when applications for the next course need to be made. If indications from the first session suggest the cooking club will be oversubscribed so pupils will be invited on a first come first served basis. Please speak to the above named staff if you wish to have your name put forward for the next course.