The school is proud to share the exciting news that we have been accredited with the accolade as providing “Leading Practice for Gifted & Talented Education”. This is as a result of a Gifted & Talented Project that has been running over the past 2 years, whereby students from Years 10 and 11 have been provided with opportunities to raise their aspirations and develop their independence through a variety of experiences, from educational visits that have expanded their horizons, to visiting other schools and colleges within the authority, to being stretched and challenged within the classroom.

The accreditation certificate states that:

“Christ the King Catholic Maths and Computing College has been validated as a school with Leading Practice for Gifted & Talented Education in recognition of their particular expertise in the field of Gifted &Talented provision.”

When awarding the accreditation, Stefani Shedden, a Senior Advisor for Gifted and Talented Education from the Department for Education, stated that:

“This validation is well deserved and a testament to all the hard work and commitment the school puts into its work with young people.”

One of the highlights of the project has included collaboration with Ripley St Thomas Church of England High School in Lancaster, who are a Gifted & Talented Lead School. They have worked with our students and staff in developing Critical Thinking Skills in order to challenge their own and other people’s thinking. This has meant that all students have benefited, providing everyone with opportunities to develop their thinking skills, thereby leading to more independent learning.

Students involved in the project said:

“It has been really good knowing that you always have a teacher to talk to who will listen and advise. It’s been great to have that bond.” (Year 11 girl)

“I never thought I could achieve the higher grades, but have been pushed to achieve As and Bs – and I am doing it!” (Year 11 boy)

The school are now determined to move forward and maintain this strong focus on progress for ALL pupils, and will push for more students to achieve those A/A* grades.