Once again European Day of Languages Week was celebrated in style this year at Christ the King! Every year on 26th September thousands of schools across Europe come together to celebrate Languages and Cultures from all over the world. At CTK the dining room staff put a special Themed Menu on for students and staff each day throughout the week. We were able to sample such delicacies as spaghetti Bolognese, beef bourgignon and tacos.

In lessons, the staff took the students on a Round the World Trip in 5 days. In Music and Art, students went to South Africa and learnt African dance, song and traditional ceramic making. The RE department took the students to the Far East and taught them Buddhist meditation techniques. In Spanish and Technology lessons students went to Europe learning about traditional food and their origins. In Science lessons the students visited France and made cheese! In Maths students learnt numbers in French as well as the origins of mathematical terminology. Students went to Italy in English lessons and took part in a Masquerade Ball. Students went tomb raiding in Egypt in History lessons and even did the Haka in New Zealand in PE!

Students had to fill in their passport and ask a member of staff to stamp it before entering in to the prize draw. The winners of the competition were Samanta Gerulskyte. Evelina Simkus and Zoltan Timur. Finally, on the Friday, staff dressed up in traditional costumes of a country of their choice.
Thank you to everyone for making the week such an exciting and successful European Day of Languages celebration 2016.