During ‘National Careers’ week (7th to 11th March) different activities took place both in and out of school.  On the 8th March 12 Year 10 students attended DWP/HMRC offices to start a new 6 week project to gain insight into Civil Service Careers and develop employability skills.

On the 11th March Year 10 had mock interview for a job role they had prepared for.  This was made possible due to the support of visiting employers who volunteered to interview our students.. The students rose to the challenge and received positive feedback following their job interviews.

Here is what some of the employers had to say:

“A charming student who will no doubt do well”

 “Great interview, good eye contact and very confident”

“A friendly young man who would benefit from a little more confidence”

“A good interview but needs to expand on her answers more”

It is pleasing to note that all of the employers who visited have once again offered their support for our next event.

What the students had to say:

 “It was useful because I know what to expect next time and I will be more confident”

“I would like to have another one”

“It was a great experience”

“I know how to improve, I need to be positive and be able to describe my skills”