Religious Education is at the core of the curriculum at Christ the King Catholic High School. The department fully supports the school’s mission to nurture our students both academically and spiritually and is a key component in contributing to the strong Catholic ethos with our school.

At Key Stage Three, all students follow the Lancaster Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines, taught by specialist teachers. The GCSE at Key Stage 4 is delivered to all students and is centered on Catholic Christianity. It is an academic subject and therefore has the same status, rigour and vigour as other core subjects, across all years.

Religious Education is a subject area where our students thrive. Students relish the opportunity to debate moral issues and to question what makes us each individual in the eyes of God. Religious Education allows students to explore the teachings of all world faiths and supports students as they study life’s big questions.

Students achieve highly in Religious Studies GCSE and examination results are continually improving.

The Religious Education Department received outstanding feedback in the last OFSTED report and in the recent Diocesan Section 48 Inspection.

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