Key Stage 3

In Year 7, 8 and 9 students study the topics of family, self, school, food, freetime, clothes, holidays, house and home and daily routine. In Year 9 students are then given the opportunity to take their knowledge further and follow the FCSE course (Foundation Certificate of Secondary Education). This allows students who choose not to opt for the language at GCSE level to study for a qualification in Spanish, recognizing all their hard work over the past three years.

Key Stage 4

Spanish is currently an optional subject at GCSE and is a two year course underwritten by the Edexcel Examination Board. Over the two years the following themes are covered: identity and culture, local area, holiday and travel, school, future aspirations, study and work, international and global dimension. Students are required to sit examinations in each of the four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Each examination is worth 25% of the overall mark.

Extra-curricular Activities

Students at Christ the King are offered the opportunity to go on a school trip to a Spanish speaking country.

Every year on 26th September European Day of Languages is celebrated in schools all over Europe and at Christ the King it is no different. It was created in order to promote the rich linguistic and cultural diversity we have across Europe. Students and staff alike get involved in a variety of activities in lesson time, and at break and lunch time. Staff dress up in traditional dress from countries around the world and students guess who they are and which country they are from, students taste foods from around Europe e.g. brioche from France, and there is even a special themed menu in the canteen!

Furthermore, Year 9 students are given the opportunity to visit the University of Central Lancashire on a “Worldwise” visit to demonstrate how languages can be used in the real world. They take part in activities such as Chinese calligraphy, translation and interpreting.

Other Languages

Urdu and Polish languages are also available as optional subjects, at GCSE level.

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