The Geography Department at Christ the King aims to give all pupils a greater understanding of the complex world in which we belong. This involves a study of places, processes that form them, patterns that we can recognise and the interaction of humans with their environment.

Geography at Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 Geography is taught in three lessons per week. Each term is split into two, in the first half term students follow the Geography program of study, in the second half term they follow the History program of study. Some of the units studied include map skills, natural hazards and many more.

Homework is delivered through either research tasks, practical work or competitions such as producing a model volcano, or extended learning task booklets. These can be found on Firefly in the Geography section.

Geography at Key Stage 4

Geography at GCSE is an ideal subject choice: it has a multi-disciplinary approach, drawing together other aspects of the curriculum. In Geography students develop the skills to identify and solve problems as well as communicate them both orally and in the written form.

At Key Stage 4 there are three taught units which are assessed in examinations. Core topics cover key elements of both the physical and human world and geographical investigations each worth 37.5% of the overall mark. The fieldwork element of this course, worth 25%, is found in the geographical investigations unit. The fieldwork tasks involve a one day investigation in a city and an investigation at a local river.

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