Citizenship and Personal Social Health Education enables young people acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to play a full and active part in society as productive and engaged citizens. This subject aims to equip students with skills in making their own decisions and taking responsibility for themselves and the communities to which they belong.

At Christ the King, an engaging Citizenship and PHSE curriculum is delivered throughout both Key Stages, in a combination of timetabled lessons and a variety of events and activities.

One lesson a week is delivered for Year 9, 10 and 11 with 3 experienced staff engaging students in various styles of classroom teaching, whilst Year 7 and 8 lessons are an integral part of all lessons across the curriculum.

Themed workshops, visiting speakers and dedicated teaching time equips students with the skills and knowledge to confidently take their place in society as responsible citizens with an understanding of the political, legal and economic functions of adult society, and develop socially and morally aware citizens who positively and actively contribute to society, enabling them to also live healthier lifestyles and make positive choices regarding their own health.

These valuable life skills include using a range of research strategies, interrogating evidence, making persuasive arguments in reasoned debate, evaluating viewpoints and taking informed action based on substantiated conclusions.

The exploration of political, social and health issues enable students become confident and competent citizens who will play their part in the life of the nation and the wider world, and actively participate in the democratic and personal life process.

The Citizenship and PSHE curriculum has recently been revised to enable students to develop an awareness and understanding of democracy, government and how the laws are made and upheld, including understanding the present situation of the impact that Brexit will have on their lives as young citizens.

Topics include: laws and rules, the democratic process, the role of the media, human rights, diversity, the economy and personal finance management, and sustainable development in the world as a global community, and includes the concepts of democracy, justice, equality, freedom, authority, the rule of law, healthy lifestyle choices, respect and instilling of positive mannerisms.  The core values include respect for justice, openness, tolerance versus acceptance, courage to defend a point of view and a willingness to listen to, work with and stand up for others, and the different ways citizens can act together to solve problems in society.

This is supported by the dedicated focus Christ the King places on charity work throughout the year, led by our Diana Award-winning CtK Student Charity Group, which develops a real understanding and empathy for people in real world situations, locally, nationally and internationally.

The benefits of Citizenship and PSHE education are diverse as well as directly relevant to today’s social and political developments.

At Christ the King we strive to develop well-rounded individuals who are fully prepared for the challenges, responsibilities and opportunities of their adult and working life with a lifelong and inherent desire to positively and actively contribute to society.

The school prayer includes a mantra for community cohesion with the line

“As many hands build a house so many hearts make a school”

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