Our CEIAG and WRL programme have strong links with industry and aim to offer a wide range of experiences to ensure students have meaningful encounters with employers.  Through our partnership with the Career Enterprise Company we have an adviser from the Lancashire Adviser Network who offers support and through this programme our school has been partnered with the Civil Service who support and enhance our programme.  Employer engagement is undertaken in a variety of events which include:

  • Work Experience
  • Speed Networking
  • Volunteering
  • Extended Learning Days
  • STEM workshops
  • Visits to industry
  • Guest speakers in class
  • Alumni

Extended Learning Day Activities involving employers

Careers News March 2018

To support Year 9 as they prepare to choose their options the students had the opportunity to take part in activities which involved independent career research, insight into the Preston City Deal and local Labour market.  Student had interactive workshops from visiting employers.  Eric Wright Construction and Preston’s College ran an activity called ‘Bridge the Gap’.  This was a STEM activity using teamwork, problem, solving and budgeting skills

Clare Watson a governor of our school used her network of contacts in the construction industry and invited representatives from the National Federation of Builders.  Together they ran a fun activity to develop student’s problem solving, teamwork and communication skills.  Students participated in the ‘Tetrahedron Challenge’, and also had the opportunity to try out the latest technology being used by professionals in the industry.  Students used BMI virtual goggles and understand how they are used in the industry.

The day was informative, challenged stereotypes and gave students insight into the current labour market in the Lancashire areas and demand for particular roles.

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CEIAG News Nov 2018

Quotes from employers

The KS4 Careers event on the ELD took on a new aspect this year with the event being organised as a ‘Speed Networking’ session.  Over 30 employers attended from a wide range of industry sectors.  Students were put into mixed groups of 3 or 4, the employers had a 7 minute time frame to talk to the groups about their company, role and different progression routes.  The students engaged and listened to the employers and had the opportunity to ask questions.  The event was a success and we were overwhelmed by the number of employers who attended to support our Career Guidance programme and raise the aspirations of our students. The students and employers have given positive feedback about this type of event instead of the usual careers fair.

Employer Quotes

We were delighted to be able to attend. I thought the afternoon was great, lots of interaction with lots of students! I thought it was a great idea!” Bootroom Academies”

“The students were well engaged and polite during the speed networking. Please keep us involved in future events” NHS

“The event was different but kind of refreshing with a different format” JTL Training

 “The pupils were really polite and engaged, asked lots of questions and really took an interest.” Lancashire Care Trust

“I thought it was a really good idea as I got to speak to quite a few as well as possible ones that might not have been interested in apprenticeships or knew what apprenticeships were.” Training 2000

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