Chinese New Year was celebrated around school during the week commencing 9th February. In Spanish students learnt how to write

“Happy Chinese New Year” and the numbers 0-10 in Mandarin using calligraphy brushes or students could make a goat in honour of Year of the Goat.

In History lessons, Key Stage 3 students focused on why there are 12 animals that represent the Chinese New Year. They created a display based on the animals mentioned in the story.

The more able students completed a logic puzzle using clues to work out which animals were represented in which year. They also studied some of the history of China and, in particular, some inventions from China that are relevant to our lives.

In Geography lessons students explored the physical features of China and interesting facts. They then explored the events and meanings of each day throughout the festive period.

Miss Montgomery took 19 students to the Charter Theatre to watch Mulan performed by the Red Poppy Ladies of Beijing.

In Maths, students made a Chinese zodiac wheel while revising pie charts and symmetry.

In Music students learnt a Chinese Christian version of JESUS LOVES ME THIS I KNOW.

Some staff even wore some traditional hats donated by Mrs Cowell.

Paul decorated the dining room with Chinese bunting courtesy of Mrs O’Connor following her trip to China and Mandy and her team served Chinese food such as sweet and sour chicken, spring rolls and prawn crackers.